Rozeen is the musical project of Zofia Branicka, a Luxembourgish singer-songwriter and pianist of Polish origins. She started developing her musical identity upon completing her musicology, sound & music creation and songwriting studies.

Rozeen’s musical style is mainly pop, with folk, rock and soul elements. Having studied classical music for most of her life, it also contains classical elements. Her songs showcase a strong emotional expression and sensibility, a big importance being laid upon lyrics and musical tension.

Her influences include artists of various musical genres, such as Alicia Keys, Ed Sheeran, Eva Cassidy, John Mayer and Mindy Smith.

Rozeen complements her own project with regular collaborations with other artists; for instance, she has been working as a topliner on numerous songs of the Luxembourgish dance/pop duo Eatgold. She has also been working with various producers from Luxembourg and other countries.

Currently, she is recording her second EP.